Working Day Suite

Set of applications that helps you to manage the staff that is working outside the office

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OS minimun version: 5.0
Space needed: 30 Mb

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OS minimun version: 11.0
Space needed: 24.2 Mb
Available in: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Working Day Tracker

The most complete monitoring application on the market. GPS tracking, location and attitude monitoring of staff working outside the office.
Tracker has multiple data analysis tools.   + Info

Tracker Map

Map and Markers

The route is displayed and you can add the elements you want:

  • The route points are hidden by default, you can see them with just one click.
  • View the times that the user has been stopped somewhere for more than 3 minutes.
  • The places have improved their icon and geo-fence for a clearer view.
  • If you have Planner, Orders or CheckIn/Out, you can see all your clients that have location.
The markers have a grouping system (cluster) that lets you know the amount of them in each area of the map, when you enlarge the map or click on these icons you can see all the markers contained in them.


The route table shows in detail each of the user's displacements in time and KM, in turn indicates the time and place of start and end of each journey.

Each route exceeds 100 meters, a simple movement through the office is not considered a route.

The map indicates if you have any selected route


Timeline of places visited. Each location includes time, address, battery, KM and stopped time on the location.


Export Travels

In the Tracker export there is an option to export these same travels, in addition to exporting all positions or calls.
You can filter by users and dates, and you can see the total distance traveled by each user.
The export is available in Excel, CSV, PDF and Word formats.

More Tracker

Route Playback

Observe what the user's displacement has been through an animation.

Export path and markers

You can export the complete route in KML format with the markers that are visible on the map: pauses, places and clients.

Expand tolerance

Markers with low coordinate accuracy are omitted, you can see them on the map if you extend the tolerance.

Integrated Heat Map

The heat map allows you to quickly visualize the most visited places, with or without the route.

Working Day Forms

Customizable forms and adaptable to each type of need.
Each form field has an intuitive interface and descriptive icon.   + Info

Forms in Mobile App


Generic text field.

Date and time

Together or separately. Display calendar or clock.


Add an email address easily in the field marked as @.


Rating field with 5 stars.


Display the numeric keypad to type phone numbers faster.


Choose an option among those available.

Photo and signature

Together or separately. Open the camera or a screen to sign with your finger.


Only allow numbers. Display the numeric keypad.


Add a web address easily.


It's not a refillable field, it's simply a link specified from the panel to take the user to that URL, it could be a web page, PDF document, etc.

And many more field types! Available in the Forms configuration.


Report markers always visible and clustered.

You can see places and clients grouped together.

General information and PDF preview when selecting the marker.

Fullscreen mode with markers menu and PDF preview.

Tracker Map

Working Day Planner

Manage your schedules with an intuitive interface   + Info

Planner in Mobile App

Schedules list: completed, pending and drafts.

You can add a new schedule with button, you don't have to wait for the admin to assign you one.

Filter buttons by current day / week.

Save form drafts (available if any field has been modified), you can finish them later or discard them if you slide the form to the left.

Each form field has a descriptive icon (text, email, web, phone, photo, signature and barcode).

Integration with the Mobile Calendar

Automatic synchronization with the device Calendar application.

When a planning is assigned it can be displayed in the Calendar with all the details and an automatic reminder.

The planning is editable like any other Calendar event.

The Calendar event has a direct link to planning in the Working Day Suite App.

Route Optimization

Availability according to the level of the contracted product.

Show pending schedules.

Suggest the fastest route between schedules or clients.

Also included in Working Day Orders.

Working Day Orders

Manage your orders with an intuitive interface   + Info

Orders in Mobile App

Orders list: completed, pending and drafts.

You can add a new order with button, you don't have to wait for the admin to assign you one.

Filter buttons by current day / week.

You can remove a product from the order by sliding it to the left.

You can remove drafts too, slide them to the left.

Integration with the device calendar App.

Includes Route Optimization on the map. Availability according to the level of the contracted product.

Customizable catalog

Customize your product catalog

Add discounts to any product on the go.

Work with promotions. Promotional products are automatically added to the order if the conditions you specified are met.

Organize your products in categories and subcategories.

Orders in Mobile App

Working Day CheckIn/Out

Manage your tasks with an intuitive interface   + Info

Task list: pending, in progress and completed.

You can add a new task with button, you don't have to wait for the admin to assign you one. Client selection is optional.

Weekly calendar with day selection.

You can see the client information by clicking on the icon.

Take a look at the amount of time you have accumulated on the task you are doing.

You can add photo or signature in the course of the task.

Immediate availability

All the features are already available, you just have to access the panel



In Client configuration the relevance of the map has been increased


You can see all clients with location on the heat map.


Export of clients locations in KML format.


Fullscreen mode allows you to show and hide markers.

Clients in Mobile App

Clients in Mobile App

When creating a new Planner or Order, you can see the list of Clients with several features:

By selecting a client you can see their information (code and observations) with the icon .

Search by client name, with Advanced search option which also allows searching by code and observations.

You can update the clients list.

You can add a new client with location from the terminal.



Radar is a special feature that allows you to locate Clients, Planners and Orders on the map.

It is possible to access the Radar in the menu    from Forms, Planner or Orders.

You can change the detection radius (20km) and Activate it, when activating the Radar it sends notifications of clients within the zone while the user is moving.

Markers of Clientes, Planner and Orders. You can see the details by press on them and also see the available actions by press on the details window.

View your current position quickly .

It is possible to open the selected marker in Google Maps or the route to follow if you press the Arrow button.

You can see a list of Clients, Planner and Orders within the detection radius by accessing the list menu .


More features

Improved performance, speed and quality

Smart Tracker

Smart Tracker adjust position taking in a smart automatic way. You can activate it in Tracker and Users settings. Not available in Lite version.

Empower Your Team

Users will be able to see in their terminal the route (and call counter if they have calls), registered during the last 3 days.


Improvement in the speed of address requests. Applied in Last positions and any address requested by the user.


In Configuration - Global - API REST there is a link to the "Use of the API" documentation and a summary of the last 10 requests with link to the complete record.

Mobile App Synchronization

Improved terminal synchronization speed with each change made from the Panel.

User List in header

The user list shows if each user is moving or stopped with icons next to their names.



We offer a Self-diagnosis service, you can know at any time if your terminal has any problem.

You just need to press and hold the Internalia Group logo and select Diagnosis.

It automatically evaluates the internet connection, Wi-Fi, last synchronization, access to the device calendar and location.

Device information, current position, date and time.

Active services in the terminal: Tracker, Forms, Planner and Orders.

Manually check the push service (synchronization and notifications), terminal access to WDS, session (queue) and permissions.

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